Gentoo developer since 2010 (wiki profile, open hub, blog)

Open-source developer and contributor (projects, github, mastodon, mastodon [pl], openstreetmap)


If you think that my open-source work is beneficial to the community, please consider donating a little. You can use GitHub Sponsors or ko-fi. If you prefer another method, feel free to contact me directly.


I can be reached as mgorny at the domain name of the distribution I'm developing. My OpenPGP key can be found on the Gentoo keyserver (or fetched via WKD):

$ gpg --keyserver hkps://keys.gentoo.org \
      --recv-keys 3408B1B906EB579B41D9CB0CDF84256885283521
$ gpg --list-keys 3408B1B906EB579B41D9CB0CDF84256885283521

Please do not encrypt non-confidential mail unnecessarily -- I do not carry the key on me at all times.


For quick contact, IRC is preferable over e-mail. I can be found on Libera.chat, on some of the topic Gentoo channels. For encrypted communications, Matrix can be used instead: @mgorny:pol.social.

/connect irc.libera.chat
/whois mgorny

I do use Quassel to keep my IRC connection active 24/7. If I am away, I will reply to your message as soon as I come back.


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